Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Picture Hat

One of Georgiana's numerous fashion achievements was her invention and popularization of what was known at the time as The Picture Hat. When she sat for Gainsborough in 1783, Georgiana wore this heavenly haberdashery which she had designed herself and after the was painting exhibited at the Royal Academy the hat became all the rage. Numerous women went straight to their milliners requesting "the picture hat" that they has seen at the Royal Academy. Whether they actually liked the oversized feathered and ribboned black hat, or were only imitating the fashionably elite is not known. But this hat resurfaced in the following century among Victorian women now called the "Gainsborough Hat".

Lauren and I are making a gallant effort to recreate our favorite 18th century hats as best we can. Under completion they will be unveiled at hat day at the Saratoga Racetrack. Whenever that is. Some bloggers have successfully been able to recreate this hat. Given my limited experience in the dangerous life of haberdashery, this could turn out to be very interesting. Below are some pictures I've found of this fabulous hat.

circa 1909

From the upcoming film The Duchess which I have yet to obsess upon in the blog. Notice the skull-like quality to Kiera's face, so 18th century

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