Monday, June 16, 2008

Lennox Loves

Lady Sarah Cadogan had a typical aristocratic, arranged marriage. At the tender age of 13 she was married to Charles, 2nd Duke of Richmond at the Hague (hey, I wouldn't mind getting married there!). Charles was 18 years old and just as unhappy with the match as his child bride seemed to be. The two were only matched up to settle a gambling debt between their fathers. No sooner was the wedding over then Sarah was sent back to school and Charles had to fulfilled his Enlightenment duty of going on the Grand Tour.

Three years later Charles was back in England from the Grand Tour. He had been dreading this return for a while for the simple fact that it meant he would be reunited with his wife. In order to prolong the meeting he decided he would go to the opera last minute, that way he wouldn't have to see Sarah until the morning. While he sat at the opera, anxiously dreading his monster wife he couldn't help but notice the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in the audience. It was love at first site.

Lucky for him, the woman at the opera was Sarah Lennox, his very wife! From then on he treated her with all the love and devotion she deserved. They lived happily ever after, with their 12 children, and were even known to exhibit some major PDA wherever they were.

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  1. that's such a nice story! thanks for telling a happy one :)