Saturday, June 14, 2008

Picture Hat Quotable

I ran across this quote while reading Party Monster by James St. James,
"But then, of course, there was a fleeting glimpse of a grand courtroom, in a large veiled picture hat over a tastefully tailored navy dress."
You can probably guess my reaction! On a non-18th century note, James St. James was a celebutante of New York City, and still remains a fashion icon and amazing author. It is only fitting that one of Georgiana's fashion trends is mentioned by him (by the 18th c name and not Victorian). His entrance into the club scene in the 1980s is comparable to hers to London society in the 1770s; they both caused a fuss in the most glamorous of ways. So if you have already noticed a few Party monster or James St. James references peppering my posts here and there, you now know why!

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