Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"It's just this kind of Hanky-flapping that gives people like us a bad name"

Lauren and I are torn between our two loves. We haven't been able to decide which is better. Blackadder the Third or Let Them Eat Cake. Regardless, both do an excellent job of summarizing

the British Aristocracy:

and the French Aristocracy:

So would anyone like to share on their preferences, because we just can't make up our mind!


  1. Black Adder the Third, and especially Nob and Nobility...

  2. That makes me crack up just thinking of it! Although I find myself partial to Amy and Amiability as well...

  3. I have to cast my ballot in favor of the Black Adder. France is not a country in which I have experienced much laughter.

  4. Black Adder the Third. "Antidist... Antidistible... Antidistinklymintlymontusly" Can you tell I love Prince George :-)