Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do you want it or do you want it?

I am an avid-reader of DonnaSandra's fashion blog, although I don't speak a word of Swedish (or read for that matter!). But luckily, the language of fashion can be read by all and this one speaks loud and clear to me so I just had to share.

The fashion-designer/costumer/chick who needs to do a line with Christian Siriano, Sanna Nyström, has 18th century-inspired fashion. You'll see panniers collide with business chic to form a yes-you-will-stand-aside-for-me-when-I-walk-down-the-street statement. Spanish black and rococo brocade harmonize into old-world elegance. Also, make way for modern spencers, corsets, and riding habits. If you've ever wanted to try some of these 18th century favorites out, here is your chance!