Monday, October 13, 2008

Where is Harriet?

As I discussed in one of my reviews for The Duchess, there is a noticeable absence of a very important figure in Georgiana's life: Harriet. It seems that other people have been bothered by this as well (as they should be!). Then I remembered that IMDB had listed her in the cast. Low and behold, her name is still there, as played by Emily Cohen. So what happened to Harriet?


  1. That bothered me as well Heather. Georgiana was very close to Harriet and her brother, and I found her lack of presence in the movie disturbing. It would given Georgiana another sounding board besides her mother, who totally lacked the warm relationship in the movie, that Georgiana had with her mother in real life. One thing that struck me about the biography of G was how many people were around them constantly, not just her relatives, but his brothers and sisters all seemed to have an opinion, but in this film it was like G and the Duke were only children.

  2. Yes! I wrote about that in my never-ending reviews. They seemed so intent on isolating Gee that they really stretched the truth of how Georgiana was constantly with more than one person. I think I will post a letter describing the daily routine of the Devonshire ladies.