Tuesday, December 9, 2008

City of Vice

There is no shortage of Blackadder fans who grace this site, nor is there a shortage of Let Them Eat Cake Fans-er, maybe that's just Lauren and I. But now we have a new 18th century series to look forward to which Polonaise was so kind as to point out to me.

City of Vice stars Darth Sidious Ian McDiarmid and Iain Glen as magistrate brothers trying to bring down crime in dirty, dark, and evil 1750's London. Here is the scoop:
In the 1750s London’s perilous streets were run by armed gangs, corrupt night watchmen and thief takers. Then two Westminster magistrates, novelist Henry Fielding and his brother, John, obtained a grant from Parliament allowing them to bring some law and order to the crime-ridden boroughs of Central London.

Starring Ian McDiarmid and Iain Glenn as these unlikely crime-fighting brothers, 'City of Vice' uses authentic historical research to tell the story of the two men battling to create a police force, 75 years before Robert Peel founded the Metropolitan Police.

Sounds good, huh? City of Vice has been running on Channel 4 for a while but I never caught wind of it. However my awesome sleuthing skills have located the first episode here and part 2 here. Enjoy!


  1. Woo hoo!!! Thanks SOOO much for using those sleuthing skills. Awesome doesn't begin to describe them. I thought I'd be classy and thank you you before I watch the episodes.

    Also, for anyone who likes mysteries and/or historical fiction, there is a good mystery series set in this era featuring Sir John Fielding and his Runners. The author is Bruce Alexander.

    (Why doesn't BBC America play stuff like this and Worst Jobs in History? It's all home makeovers, how not to dress like a ho bag and cooking. Same as US tv. Yawn.)

  2. I forgot...I also see that Amazon.com has City of Vice for sale with all five episodes. (I also found a 2007 BBC movie about Beau Brummell. Don't you love it when you're supposed to be Christmas shopping for OTHERS?)

  3. Thanks so much for those links! I've always wanted to watch that show but have never been able to. Supposedly you can on the shows website but I haven't gotten it to work yet.

    I wonder if Netflix has the DVDs...

  4. It does it does!


  5. I've been avoiding Netflix for years, but now I may have to succumb. The person who reviewed it on Amazon was put off by its grittiness--and seemed surprised as well. Hah, amateur!

    Thanks Katy! My appetite has been whetted and I have to have more.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I've been curious to see it, but wanted to check it out before buying it.

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