Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Fifth Day of Christmas Kitty Fisher Gave to Me...

Five pearls in vinegaaar...

Talk about expensive taste! Miss Kitty Fisher was known for her taste in finery and that's why she was immortalized by Reynolds disintegrating a pearl in vinegar just like Cleopatra. She also ate a banknote with her bread and butter so I wasn't lying when I said she had a taste for the finer things in life. Men would pay big money in order to spend the night with this courtesan. Not only would they get sex, but lively conversation, and endless fun. No wonder Kitty's name (and reputation) reached the ears of Casanova.


  1. I wonder what pearls and vinegar taste like? Can't imagine it would be good. I like your use of the pearls better.

  2. i am fascinated by the publishing of pamphlets extolling their...well...virtues seems to be the wrong word...

  3. I love the Reynolds portrait that makes the visual reference to her name.