Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Bath Accessory for Every Lady

Lauren just put up an interesting post on contemporary adaptions of 18th century cosmetics. In her post she features soaps and such from our shared obsession, Lush, an English company specializing in handmade soaps and other goodies. Perhaps the reason I am so drawn to Lush is that so many of their products could represent our favourite 18th century ladies. Yes, I think about these silly things a lot.

If Georgiana had a product it would have to be the bath bomb Supernova. Formally called Champagne Supernova you come out of your bathtub silky soft and smelling of, you guessed it, champagne...but in a good way. Drop this pink ball in the bath and it explodes in colorful streamers and fizzies that turn the tub water pink. It's a Devonshire House party in every bath.

Marie Antoinette and all her sisters were known for their lily white hands that made the guys go crazy. Achieving this was no small feat. You must always wear gloves when outside and while you're inside you should moisturize moisturize moisturize. Dream Cream has every reason to have a pompous name, it can heal any type of dry skin and make it silky smooth. Plus it has the light scent of roses, completing the whole Lily and Rose Marie Antoinette connection.

Lush products aren't just for the ladies, and remember hygiene was just as important to the 18th century man too. This shaving cream is called Prince and it's fit for, you know who, the Prince of Wales! I think George would love to have that perfectly smooth shave that leaves the soft scent of citrus behind. No wonder the ladies were all over him!

Floral and Feminine describes both Keep it Fluffy soap and Princess Lambelle's sunny days at Triannon. Every time you pop in the shower you can warp yourself to the gardens of Triannon.

Lady Worsley became quite notorious for her baths. It was an infamous bath at Cox Heath where she (oops) gave a little bit of a peep show to her husband and his friend (who she just happened to be sleeping with). I'm sure Seymour would have indulged in just about every one of these lusheous products, but perhaps Ooh La La soap, with its lavender scent, would appeal to her the most.

Well, we can't leave Madame DuBarry out of this set. I'm sure this royal mistress would gobble up just about every decadent product she could get her hands on. I can just see her in a bubble bath surrounded by candles waiting for Louis XV to happen upon her. For that occasion she would just have to get the Sex Bomb bath bomb, making this extravagant tart irresistible.

Lady Hester Stanhope's true love was the exotic lands of the middle east. She fully submerged herself in the different cultures so she would probably love to do the same with Blue Skies shower gel which gives off the exotic scent of those lands she once traveled.

For a sweetie-pie such as Harriet Countess of Bessborough you would need a daily indulgence in this amazing smelling shower smoothie, Creamed Almond and Coconut. This sweet little lady had a high-stress life, so a nice bath or shower with this amazing smelling soap would do the trick when you had a stressful day of juggling lovers and raising children.

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  1. Thanks Heather, I love this stuff!

  2. What a delightful blog you have here!

  3. @ Lucy- Oh good, I warn you though, Lush products are tres addicting!

    @ Mary- Thank you so much Mary! I'm glad you stumbled upon my little corner of the web

  4. Lush is teh awesome! I spent my honeymoon on a Croatian island, in a sleepy little village with nothing but very local shops and establishments - and a Lush store! It was pretty strange but cool.

    Oh, and please don't smack me on the head (not hard, at least) for linking to my own blog now, but I thought you might want to experience the powers of The Toilet of Flora?

  5. Love love love Lush. What a fun post!

  6. @ Jeannine- Thanks!

    @Madame Berg- A isolated island with a Lush!! Sounds like a dream come true! You are forgiven for the link, especially since it is not only related but totally interesting :)

  7. You've convinced me, I'm going to give one of those bath bombs a try! I like the thought you've put into all of these. Your descriptions make the products hard to resist!

  8. Oh they are so much fun! I think you'll just love them. I actually once won a contest for Lush to write a description of a product to be featured in their catalog. I'll let you guess which one it was!

  9. All right, that's it. I have just about had enough of you both posting about Lush products that I desperately want but can't afford. Shame on you both!!!

  10. Why do you think we post about them? It's our way to buy vicariously. We have to share the

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  12. This was the first that I had heard of lush, but I've already put in an order! Thanks for the heads-up :)

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