Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hunk Alert: John Duke of Dorset

SWM, Peer/Ambassador/Professional Cricket player, Athletic build, Aries, seeking loose aristocrat or ballerina for sexy romps in Paris
Likes: Cricket, Pool, Tennis, Gambling, Canoodling with the French Court

I'm not exactly looking for wife right now, maybe later. I think a wife would detract from my quality time with my mistresses, and that would not be fair to them. See, I know how to treat my ladies right! I'm not too concerned if you are married yourself, que signifie juste plus d'expérience.

I am particularly interested in women stationed in Paris, although I am not adverse to sending romantic love letters in French across the channel. I am a bit of a jock so if you are an athletic woman yourself, I would really love to meet you. Otherwise, fabulous married peers will do.


  1. Hunk is right! (If only I could write the Pepe le Pew purr of approval.)

    I fear it would never work, since
    my idea of athletic is croquet. Canoodling, however, is A-okay.

    Looks like I'll have a new wallpaper, heh heh.

  2. Well I do always love giving you new wallpaper! :)

  3. Ah darn, if only I spoke French, or were athletic or rich!!

    What do you think about this guy? Not that historic figures need to be attractive to be interesting! I'm starting to feel like a hypocrite ;)

  4. Wasn't he one of Georgiana's lovers? Quite nice for the 18th Century.

  5. Yes, good memory, he's one of her alleged lovers! I feel like he is the Fersen to Georgiana's Marie Antoinette.

  6. "que signifie juste plus d'expérience" ... that is the motto of my life! His Grace's attitude towards women and views on marriage are very familiar... reminds me of myself!

    While I dare not hold out hope to have the honour of making an appearance in your Hunk of the Week column (although many women did consider me handsome, despite the length of my nose), what if you were to start a Rake of the Week column? I fear many of my acquaintance would make it into your weekly entries... myself notwithstanding!

    xx, George

  7. Ooo Rake of the week hmm. I'll have to take it into consideration. I certainly wouldn't run out of candidates!