Wednesday, April 15, 2009

...And He Clears his Throat When Tickled

Elyse just posted this great story about William Pitt. I found it hilarious because it is a perfect example of the prime minister's stoicism and how he was such a foil of Charles Fox. I think my favourite Muppet, Sam Eagle may have been partially inspired by Pitt.


  1. Oh I love the connection to the Muppet character Sam Eagle! I can see that :)

  2. One of my friends is in love with "Master and Commander" and in her opinion, one of the hottest things she's ever seen is the scene where the doctor performs surgery on himself. I personally thought it was disgusting, but the thing about Pitt is kind of hot! (No I don't mean the Muppet connection! :P )

  3. Hee, thank you so much for the link! <3