Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Best Conversation of Your Life

I was reading Elizabeth's latest post at Scandalous Women and it made me revisit the question that I love to meditate on. If you could meet any three people, living or dead, and chat over lunch who would they be? My choices just happen to all be some kick-ass ladies of England, Queen Elizabeth I, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire (no surprise there!), and Kim Woodburn.

Who would you choose?

And let me prose some further questions. Which person would you you pick (living or long dead) to be in each of these situations with:
  • Go out for a memorable night on the town
  • Spend a night in jail
  • Attend a lovely tea party
Hmm, I'm going to have to think about that one. At the moment, I think Calvin Harris would be a great person to bar-hop with, and James St James would be fantastic to have tea with; but narrowing down someone to get in legal trouble with, now that's a tough decision. I'll have to go through my rolladex of historical figures.


  1. This might sound nerdy, but I think it would be really neat to see Jesus, John Calvin, and Cotton Mather sitting down together! Otherwise, I really don't know. Except for the spending a night in jail question. I pick Charles II--I'd spent a night with him anywhere! Ha ha! Seriously though, I can't wait to hear everyone else's answers!

  2. Ooo I love the idea of a night in jail with Charlie!

  3. This is tough!! There's a lot of people I'd love to meet. I think I'm going to go with Marie Antoinette, Katharine Hepburn, and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Runners up are Nell Gwyn, Madame Pompadour, William Shakespeare, Henry Clay, Rose Bertin, Bette Davis, Mozart, George Balanchine, Patrick O'Brian, and Stephen Sondheim (I told you there's a lot of people I'd like to meet).

    I think Marie Antoinette or Nell Gwyn would be fun to go for a night on the town with, and I'd like to have a lovely tea with Grace Kelly (has anyone more elegant ever existed?). As for the night in jail, I choose Johnny Depp. Being stuck alone with me in such a crappy situation would awake his passions and... clearly this pick is for more shallow reasons then the others, heh heh.

  4. I can see Nell being lots of fun to paint the town red fact you two might end up spending a night in jail together too!
    Also, we don't judge here, especially when it comes to Johnny Depp!

  5. Heather I have to say that I'm very happy with your choices...I, however, would probably drop Georgiana (I know, I know...) and add Cleopatra...and I love that you're a Kim Woodburn fan!!! She's one of my all-time favorites. I've bought about 5 pairs of "diva" cleaning gloves that I found on Etsy just because of that funny lady! As to your other questions, I'll have to some a little more thought into them...

  6. OK, here goes! I would like to have a confab with Michelle Obama, Frederick Douglas, and Lady Byron.

    I would like a night in jail with Robert Downey Jr because he is soo funny and brilliant, a night on the town with Audrey Hepburn because she was so elegant and would know the best places, and tea with the artist I have spent much of my life researching, Evelyn De Morgan...with Evelyn the tea would probably turn into a seance.

  7. A night drinking with Lord Byron...before he goes no more a-roving

    A night in jail with Harry Houdini...

    A lovely tea with Oscar Wilde...

  8. I would love to have dinner with Jesus, and Sigmund Freud. I woudldn't mind spending the night in jail with Lord Byron, and as for tea, I would have to go with Lillie Langtry.