Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eighteenth Century Gossip...Commercial!

I'm not a fan of MTV (so as soon as this clip goes on Youtube, I'm there) and I haven't the faintest on who Alexa Chung is (or why she gets her own show) but this is a fun clip from her new ad campaign. Extra points if you can identify the gossipy ladies in the commercial!

Note: If you can't view the video because MTV is ridiculous, you might want to just click on the links in included in the text to see it. I guess MTV only pretends to share, and you can only take Hanes ads for so long.


  1. Alexa Chung is a British TV presenter. I don't know how she's being hyped in the US but over here she's meant to be a witty, trend-setting beauty *rolls eyes* lol

  2. Yeah that's how they've been presenting her but the small excerpts I have seen would prove otherwise.