Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tartly Books on Sale

Why must I grace the pages of Amazon? Why must they have such fabulous savings and even more insane prices from third party sellers? They must be put on earth to drain my bank account...and yours. I noticed a vast amount of books on some past tarts are on sale. These are the deals I've been eying; you know how I love to share the to speak.

(I'm also going to be lazy and just post these in quick link boxes for when I finally end up buying them all so excuse the aesthetic offense)

Maria Fitzherbert by James Munson: This hardcover on the Prince of Wale's Secret wife is at my library so I'm hoping to resist it's charms but you can get it on Amazon Marketplace for as low as $4.

A Royal Affair by Stella Tillyard: This looks appealing for two reasons, it's by Stella Tillyard, authors of Aristocrats, and it contrasts the prudish nature of George III with his "scandalous siblings." That means lots of dirt on Queen Caroline Matilda.

The Unruly Queen by Flora Frasier: The name alone is appealing. The unruly queen in this case is Caroline of Brunswick who was barely a queen before she mysteriously died.

The First Lady Diana by Victoria Massey: This book on Lady Diana the saucy aristocrat has books starting at 63 cents.

Charlotte & Leopold by James Chambers: If you're in the mood for some regency romance there is the story of Princess Charlotte and Leopold. Charlotte was the tragic only-child of the Prince of Wales and Caroline of Brunswick.

England's Mistress by Kate Williams: I have heard that this is a scathing version of Emma Hamilton's tale which may just be as close to a bodice-ripper as a historical biography can get.


  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who buys too many books!! You should see the stacks of unread books I have.

  2. I actually own the Stella Tillyard book which is fabulous, and the Kate William's Emma biography which is also wonderful. I would definitely purchase those two books.

  3. I feel as though I have a whole case of books I need to read and then I find more and more. I think I'm going to have to put the Tillyard and Emma one on the top of my list now.

  4. Those are tempting.. but luckily I'm moving soon and will have to fit everything into just two suitcases. That's enough to dissuade me from making purchases!

  5. Ugh, I've been there before. It's a difficult task.

  6. It's so nice to be back online!

    I can also recommend the Tillyard book. It was almost as absorbing as Aristocrats.

    Regarding The First lady Diana, I own that as well and would say that it is worth the read but at a good price. Her life was so short (she was 25 when she died, I think) and most of her letters don't exist. the book is as much about the grandmother who raised her, Sarah Churchill (yes, THE Sarah Churchill) as it is about her and that Sarah is a force to be reckoned with. To say the least.

    A question I have is why Diana Beauclerk is mentioned. The Lady Diana of the title married the Duke of Bedford and was thus a Russell, not a Beauclerk. I think there must be two of her, as the photo in your link shows a portrait from later in the century. The Spencer-Churchill family and the Spencers of Althorp I think are different branches of the same family. But it'sll very confusing....

  7. Oh dear I think you're right and I got my Lady Di's mixed up. Goodness, there is too many of them! Thanks for the catch!

  8. That sounds so much like me. I'm even afraid of visiting Amazon now. I've already ordered the Memoirs of Vigée le Brun and that game Enquête à Versailles. And same with me: I have a... well an enormous pile of books to read. Sigh.

  9. This is pure torture...thanks, Heather! I'm still paying off my latest Amazon art book purchases...

    I DARE not order anything else at the moment.

    However, I just finished one that I think would be of interest to our group if you haven't already reviewed/discussed it. It is "Stealing Athena" by Karen Essex. It is about the Elgin Marble caper. It alternates between the stories of Aspasia, the lover of Perikles and Mary Nisbet, the wife of Lord Elgin. Well done I thought.

  10. I have heard only good things about Karen Essex...its only a matter of time...