Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exhibition Day

Sorry to interrupt your usual Sunday critique. For those who are interested, Lauren and I are on a joint exhibition venture in New York City today. There is just too many art exhibitions to do with the long eighteenth century to pass up!

I will be attempting to keep you updated in real time about the excursion via my Twitter account. Don't get too excited, I'm sure that a lot of it will consist of how much I hate the metro system, and a spare picture of window-shopping could get thrown in (aren't you glad my mobile in England couldn't Twitter? What a mess that would have been!).

The exhibitions I hope to get to are as follows-

A Women's Wit: Jane Austen's Life and Legacy at the Morgan Library and Museum

Watteau to Degas at the Frick Collection

Both American Stories and Watteau, Music and Theatre at the Met

Heather on Twitter @GeorgianaGossip Lauren on Twitter @MarieGossip


  1. Have fun. You picked a good day to do it, since the weather is cooperating for a change! I look forward to hearing your comments on all three exhibits.

  2. Very, very good, I hope to get a review up this week sometime.

  3. Grrr and gnashing of teeth...oh, I mean, I'm so happy for you. (Which I really do mean. I'm just jealous!)

    That's quite a schedule for one day. Two Watteau shows--what a treat. The Frick is my favorite NYC museum, but I am extra interested in reading your review for the show at the Met. And it doesn't get any better than Jane Austen. I hope you had a blast or, as Jane might have said, were excessively diverted! (And had a lovely cocktail somewhere wonderful like the Flatiron.)

  4. I must say I enjoyed your tweets immensely. I plan on going in January most likely. It will be COLD.

  5. @Polonaise- If it's any consolation, I have never had the joy of the Huntington *sob*

    @Vic- The whole time we were there Lauren and I were wondering if anyone was reading them and if they were, actually enjoying them! I'm glad you will make it; you were worried you wouldn't make it earlier as I recall?