Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gossip Guide Humor in Live-Action Form

Lauren just brought to my attention that a book series I enjoyed in my carefree years, Horrible Histories, is now producing shorts and putting them on Youtube. I totally geeked out. Here is Georgian Doctor and The Four Georges.

Meanwhile, the book series should grace history-phile's library. They mix fact with humor. My copy of The Groovy Greeks is practically destroyed due to frequent reading. Books in the series that are a little more appropriate for this particular blog would probably be England and Gorgeous Georgians.


  1. So, how were Georgian doctors different from modern doctors again? ;)

  2. I am seriously living in the wrong country! Great Video!
    Will repost the four Georges on my blog. It's just so fitting in there... ;-)

  3. Fantastic!
    It's like the Reduced Shakesspeare Company for kids (and history nuts ;)

    I used to have the Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians, they got read a lot.

  4. Wow, I never thought such thing existed! I have I don't know how many horrible histories books, and coincidence, I started re-reading them yesterday. I have to check those mini-series! Thanks so much Heather! By the way, my Groovy Greeks books is also overused...

  5. I love the 4 Georges vid.. as does every other 18th-Century Historic Re-enactor I know and with whom I have shared it!

  6. I LOVE The Reduced Shakespeare Company. I was introduced to them when I saw them live in Leicester Square. I didn't know they did children's things now.

    Glad everyone is enjoying these as much as I!

  7. Oh I don't know if the Reduced Shakespeare Company do do kids things, but it's very much how they might do it if they did.

    The lastest one of theirs I heard was a Reduced History of the three political parties in the UK>