Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh boy, A Giveaway!

Lauren at American Duchess emailed me to alert me to a giveaway that just may interest you. But then again, who doesn't enjoy a good giveaway! She just launched her own clothing brand, American Duchess, and to celebrate, is giving away a t-shirt from the newly begun line to one lucky reader. Check out her blog for details. In the meantime you can check out her other products in Etsy, including my personal fav, a shirt that just screams 'Foxite!'


  1. Awww...the fox tee is adorable as well as classy (and in Insipid Pink!). I don't wear jeans/tee shirts, but I may have to bend a rule for this one. Holiday shopping for myself yet again!

  2. You always pick out the best gifts for yourself anyway!

  3. Insipid Pink! Yay!