Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bad Girls Club --18th Century Edition

One of my guilty television pleasures is The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen. The show is just so silly and the whole premise is waiting for a disaster to happen among a collection of women who have no redeeming qualities. In other words: let's put all these girls we hate in one house and see who comes out alive! If only there was an 18th century version of this low-brow show; which begs the question: who would you want in that Georgian bad girls house?

The Candidates:

Jane, Duchess of Gordon
She is not only a seductress but an abductress.
The Bossy One

Lady Letitia Lade
She's makes a hobby of riding 'em. Horses, that is.
The Gold-Digger

Elizabeth Lady Holland
Girls just want to have fun, right? That means late nights, men, and exotic locales.
The Prankster

Hecca Sheridan
She throws herself in the arms of unworthy men...and throws a temper-tantrum afterward.
The Hot-head

Mary Toft
She'll do just about anything for attention...no matter how crazy.
The Liar

Harriette Wilson
She loves a good time, just don't get on her bad side.
The Blackmailer

Albinia, Countess of Buckinghamshire
Dodging the law at every turn, she gambles with her life just as she does her money.
The Gambler

Lavinia, Countess Spencer
Who does she NOT have a problem with?
The Diva

Vote for your choices in the poll in the sidebar!
Lauren will also be polling to see which French ladies would do well in the house. Which of these tarts and femmes would be the most reality-tv worthy?


  1. Oh, Heather... You've shattered all my illusions about you with this post. I must go speak with my advisers about this. For indulging in this type of lowly entertainment, I suspect you will not be invited to either Chatsworth or Devonshire House this season....

  2. Lol, yeah well you need something to watch when Runway and True Blood are over. Plus I didn't call it a guilty pleasure for nothing.

    Anyhow! it's not about that stupid show it's about which tarts would make the best trash tv.

    I'll be back to my refined self tomorrow.

  3. Odds fish, m'dear Duchess, but hadn't you ought to shoot your TV? On that subject, and the topic of trash TV specifically, I discovered 'The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle' last night and loved it.
    Here's to you imminent recovery, Duchess.

  4. I have not heard of that show, what is it?

  5. Hahaha, what an amusing idea! ^^

  6. It's with Jennifer Saunders and it is a send up of trash day time TV.
    She rocks and each episode gets better.

  7. Jennifer Saunders! Well of course it's good!

  8. Why can't you put all of 'em in there? That would be great! And don't forget to throw Lady Bessborough, (Caro Ponsonby's mom) in. ::Grin::

  9. Ahh! I love it! I'm glad I don't have drama like that in my life, but it sure is fun to watch! Plus, this season the girls are very naughty! :)

  10. ...and crazy! The preview of the season was just nuts.

  11. Heather: I watched some of Bad girls club last night and feel a need to take a shower. Ewww. However, for the 18th C. version: Why not include dear Bess Foster? Sweet apparent helplessness covering manipulation (and maybe an inability to say no).

  12. I hope you did take a shower, watching that show exposes you to all sorts of STDs, the girls are such harlots!

    Ah Bess. Yes she would be perfect for the show but I was trying to go for lesser-credited tarts. Mayhap, if one gets kicked out of the mansion for violence Bess will be the replacement bad girl...

  13. Very creative post! I have just voted... Hope my tart wins!

  14. Hmm your tart. Let me take a wild guess! Either Albinia or Mary?

  15. See I knew you had impeccable taste and an eye for talent!

  16. I think Bess should be kept until the last few episodes and then let loose in the house to spice (tart?) things up if the bad girls are getting tired of being bad enough and the ratings suffer!

  17. Hahaha! Oh TinaM, you gave me a good laugh this morning