Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Integration in the Army

During the American Revolution one in twenty soldiers was a black man. Soldiers fought in integrated troops during that first US war. It wouldn't be until the Korean war -almost 200 years later, that the US would integrate troops.

The British recruited many black people to the Tory cause, promising freedom if Great Britain was victorious. If they held true to their word, slavery would have been obsolete in British North America.


  1. Despite hearing of this, I remain a bit skeptical that had the British won, they would have abolished slavery. After all, of those who took the British up on their offer, after the war, some were sent to Nova Scotia, some to the West Indies, and the rest to Sierra Leone--with no wealth, land, or security. :/ But I do love that painting.

  2. Oh, and speaking of the devil(ess), I found this on wikipedia:

    "The example of the Duchess of Devonshire, in contributing to the relief of the poor Blacks, has had a salutary effect. The Countess of Salisbury, the Countess of Essex, Marchioness of Buckingham and a variety of other titled characters are also on the charitable list."

  3. Ooo very interesting I had never read that, yet am not surprised!

  4. It's a possibility that they would have abolished slavery, I too am skeptical about that.

    Anyways, I do lean more towards the idea of British America abolishing slavery much sooner then what history currently dictates.

  5. No they chose not to abolish slavery yet they predicted it would've been abolished in the future. It would've been too sudden for the age for people to quit slavery.