Monday, January 4, 2010

On Georgiana

"I regret the Duchess's departure very much. As for Lady Elisabeth, she is nice enough but one can do without her, but the Duchess has a thousand good qualities and an excellent heart."

Lady Sutherland


  1. I could learn to like Lady Sutherland!

    I like the portrait. Do you know where it lives? I don't think I have it in any books.

  2. I agree, I need to expand my knowledge of her. She was a sassy lass! Unfortunately the portrait remains a bit of a mystery. I do know it is a Romney though.

  3. I could be friends with her :)

    And what a lovely portrait! Are there any more of her? She was a knockout going by this one.

  4. She really was lovely...and quite witty judging by this quote. I would love to learn more about her!