Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rococo your Toes

Are your stockings becoming worn with winter-wear such as mine are? One of my great internet finds is Sock Dreams, which has a fantastic selection of leg and foot apparel and free shipping to boot! While glancing over their wares I found some that might be an interest to this audience.

Polonova Flower

Polonova Floral

Fox in the Trees (for those fox hunting days)


Are just some of the selections I found appropriate. But watch out, you will, I am sure, find many other tempting knits to grace your toes.


  1. Mmmm...pretty! Alas, my sock drawers are full of still unused silk stockings from an amazing sale next year, so no more sock splurges for me :-(

    Maybe I should draw my own rococo swirls on my plain silk socks with a fabric pen :-P

  2. Thank you , thank you , thank you ! That is what I envisioned to see on knigh-high's some day. Now only to find out if they ship to Germany and if German customs are merciful to a ornate-socks-lover. kind regards, Martina

  3. Okay, Heather, you're to blame for my shopping spree! (I love it when I can't be blamed. What free will?)I also found a great pair that look like corset lacing up the back, with Cuban heel action. Hotcha! Can't wait to get my stash.

    Thank you!!

  4. Sorry guys! I am not a friend to the impulsive buyer...but then again there are worse things to buy impulsively. And everyone needs socks!