Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lady Lucy Talks Georgiana

They say that the means of differentiating celebrities from historical figures is that historical figures' names will last forever where as celebrities ignite and then fizzle out, gradually becoming forgotten through time.  Georgiana was an undeniable celebrity and did sort of fade into obscurity, but was never forgotten!

Evidence of this: Lady Lucy Cavendish's personal diary.  This Victorian lady, like our Georgie, married into the Cavendish clan.  It was only a matter of time before their paths would cross, so to speak.

Denise at Lady Lucy Cavendish Diary Blog was kind enough to inform me when Georgiana's name appeared in the diary.  She is quite the blog-mistress, putting all the diary entries in blog form for our convenience and for free!  Methinks, I need a few more rare books to be put into blog form.  In 1871 lady Lucy wrote of Georgiana's child-like enthusiasm, expressed in a letter soon after her marriage.

I can't help but be reminded of Georgiana's book, The Sylph which is a reflective semi-autobiographical tale about a country girl marrying into the aristocracy when Lucy talks of "how there was no fear but that she would be happy in a simple country life." I especially enjoyed the easily offended Victorian sensibilities being triggered at the thought of Bess and the Duke!  Check it out here.


  1. This is terrific thank you for posting it & the link!

  2. It is good to know that her reputation was not defamed in later years.

    I totally agree with Lady Lucy's opinion about The Duchess...

  3. Thanks for the link !

    Don't you think she looks like this actress from the Vampire Diaries (Nina Dobrev if I'm not mistaken)?

  4. It's interesting insight isn't it?

    @Camille, Oo they do look similar. Hopefully Dobrev is up for a biopic!

  5. I just LOVE your blog. You have such a nice taste!