Wednesday, September 8, 2010

His Highness Goes Revolutionary on Us

He's made it to the top ten and now our favourite fop put together a show meant to tug on America's heartstrings!  Enjoy and cross your fingers for his victory!

You only know if he makes it to the grand showdown he'll bring new meaning to Rococo. Let's hope we get a chance to see that show-stopper!

The evening post just came with the news: His Highness is going to finals! I can't wait to see what kind of show he will dazzle us with!


  1. Speechless!
    Oh he is absolutely marvelous. Talented in both singing, performing and costuming. He blows my mind every time that I see him. I desperately want His Highness to win! Bring a little of our favorite era into the limelight. He is too perfect for words! I know, I'm gushing.

  2. I want Prince Poppy Cock to win so bad!! He's amazing, and he does everything with such and excellence.

    Saddly there's this cute girl called Jackie Evancho...she signs opera terribly good. The competition is getting harder and harder.

  3. Hopefully Poppycock takes that little girl DOWN!

    Darn little girls, they always won America's Funniest Home Videos too.

  4. @Heather would you describe yourself as a Yankee Doodle Sweetheart?

    yay for fabulousness!

  5. (the whitehouse has hot legs!)
    This is just too funny.

  6. Absolutely FUN! Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous performer!
    Au Revoir,

  7. Darlings, I think that was the capital building, not the white house. Poppycock can hold up a Vegas show! The dear little lass cannot. She has nothing on him, but years to grow. The Prince will take the show, as usual!

  8. I loved it, he's fabulous! I am so glad to hear he's in the final four & hope he wins.

  9. oh Bravo!Bravissimo- he is a true entertainer - I agree with Ms Osborne - there are not words to describe him - I do hope the dear boy wins - he really does deserve to!

  10. I think when he goes on tour we need to show up in full court dress. It is only appropriate, no?

  11. He is also my guilty pleasure...

  12. I haven't seen such whoring for votes since a certain duchess took to the streets with a fox stole and plenty of lip balm.
    I love that His Highness took ownership of patriotism, which is often politically hijacked by the very people who would scorn him for being such a unique, theatrical and atypical male.