Wednesday, September 15, 2010

His Highness Leaves Gracefully

Sad news, Doves.  His Highness did not leave the finale victorious.  So although the victor may have walked away with spoils Prince Poppycock will forever wear the crown.  He is a prince after all.  I think it is safe to say His Highness walked away with a much bigger audience and a much larger fan base.

Check out his duet with Donna Summer from last night.  It lacked all the stage spectacle and the opera but seemed to have Poppycock in his comfort zone and sounding fabulous. Let's dance!


  1. This was so fun! After the pomposity of Turandot (and really Your Highness, that was not the time to whip out the Puccini!) a frivolous disco number was *exactly* what everyone needed; really a perfect note for him to go out on. I'm sorry he didn't win, but we all know it's only a matter of time before he holds court on his own...

    And that electric pink wig needs to be in my life. It just does.

    I hunted up the clip of Jackie singing with Sarah Brightman, and I must concur with your assessment that between the two of them the little girl was definitely in much better voice, though it is very clear who she adopted her vocal style from--it was almost like listening to a Sarah Brightman performance from 15 years ago. She definitely needs to watch out for Charlotte Church Syndrome however--if she's not careful she'll end her career before the age of 20 with nodes on her vocal chords and a half-rate daytime talk show.

    And as for Miss Sarah...much as I have always adored her, it was fairly obvious that she was either phoning this one in and didn't bother to warm up, or her voice is finally starting to go. She began weak, and she was off tempo; it seems like they were playing the song a little bit faster than she is used to singing it, but she just kept on right along at her own pace anyway...Then again, maybe she was just trying to be gracious and not upstage the 8 year old. *Flutters fan* It's also kind of nice to see that without her phalanx of airbrush/photoshop/makeup/lighting people she actually looks like a normal person and not a scary immortal Pre-Raphaelite goddess...

  2. Well said! I was also happy to see she isn't sararexic any more. She looked healthy. Normally I'd say she looked her age but I think she has gone through a lot of pain to prevent that.

    Poppycock sounded great and looked like he was having fun, which is what I loved seeing. I also give Donna major props for sporting a pouf of her own!

  3. His Highness is in a class of his own. He shall have his own court soon I am sure.

  4. I think you are right! His courtiers have increased tenfold I believe