Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Overdraft Fees

With all of Lady Spencer's berating of her eldest daughter you would think she was the only Spencer with skeletons in the closet.  All three of her children had addictions that put them into debt.  Georgiana and Harriet had obscene debts due to their gambling addiction and George's debts pertained to his addiction to books!  Of course the Goddess of Wisdom, Lady Spencer herself, was no innocent, she herself, suffered from a gambling addiction making her no stranger to debt as well.


  1. Books? I can't believe Georgiana's brother had an addiction to books as to be in great debt. Maybe more educational than gambling, but still equally silly.

    An addiction is an addiction, no matter what you call it...

  2. A royal without debts is like a garden without roses.

    (just saying that so I can feel better about myself....)

  3. @Miss Honnete, Very true! It's what I say to myself every time I indulge in my addictions to frivolities. At least mine don't send me to jail, *cough cough Londsay Lohan cough

    @Fabu, You live the part!