Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Save the Date(s)

For those who posted their opinions on the Evelina Group Read, thank you!  Your input was a big help!  I have decided to hold the group read in June since that was a popular month and if I began setting it up for April it would become a rush-job.  By popular request we will hold salons once a week (probably Thursdays) which will give us plenty of material for our witty discussions.  More details will be released with the official announcement.

On a fun note, are there any suggestions for the group read logo image?  I was thinking of using Hoppner's Young Woman as Evelina (pictured) but will take any suggestions!  The Sylph Group Read featured Eliza Sheridan who appropriately graced the cover of the Librifile book. Is there an appropriate representation for the noble and naive Evelina?


  1. I approve! That's one of my favorite paintings.

  2. I love this painting! Oh! and I have the book somewhere and must now find it! I'll be joining the read for sure:)