Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Evelina Group Read Rundown

With a week to go until our first salon I hope everyone has officially has begun reading Evelina.  I should also probably tell all those participating how I will go about conducting our book group, so here it goes!

The Layout
For those who participated in The Sylph Group Read last year, the layout should seem familiar.  I like to keep things casual; grab some tea (or beer, whatever floats your boat) and kick up your heels.  You can bring up the deep meaning or symbolism of this and that or you can just gossip casually. It's up to you!

Just as in 18th century salons where hot topics were discussed and gossiped about, I hope everyone won't be too shy to contribute a comment or two, even if it's as simple as "I thought this was interesting" or "That, Lady Ann, what a fox!" A good discussion is our goal, because it's always fun to gush over books together!

For those who have read ahead, remember not to ruin the story for others. Please only discuss what has happened up until that point in the plot. So for example, if we are on Letter 10, please don't go on about how the actions in that chapter effect something in Letter 23. We can wait until Letter 23 to chat about that together!

Most importantly, have fun! You're not getting a grade for this group discussion so get cozy; if you think a character is being a dick, well then say it! The more varied minds there are the more fun gossiping we will have.

The Salons
Every Thursday in the month of June I will put up a post for the letters (or chapters) we will be discussing that week.  Many editions of Evelina are broken up into three volumes.  For the editions that are not divided into volumes I have put those chapters in parentheses.
2 June: Volume 1 Letters 1-20
9 June: Volume 1 Letter 21- Volume 2 Letter 6 (21-37)
16 June: Volume 2 Letter 7- 22 (38-53)
23 June: Volume 2 Letter 23- Volume 3 Letter 9 (54-71)
30 June: Volume 3 Letter 10-23 (72-84)
I have put all these dates on a Google calendar in case that is helpful for some.

If anything is unclear, please feel free to ask.  I can't wait to see you all next Thursday!


  1. Oh, this is so exciting! I was just telling my husband how I'd love to be part of a book club who reads primarily historical, but I don't know many people where we live. Not who share a common love for history, anyway. Thank you for this opportunity!

  2. I just started to read it last night -- I think I'm using the first edition, courtesy of Google Books.

  3. Oh wow! I really can't wait for my copy to get here so I can begin. And I'm looking forward to meet here next Thursday as well.
    Thank you for this opportunity again!

  4. Can't wait. Got Evelina from the library last night. I'll miss the first salon because I'll just be returning from an overseas trip, but I'll be sure to catch up and participate in the next one.

  5. You don't have to comment on the first salon exactly on Thursday. I will be keeping track, so you can still put in your two cents whenever!

  6. The closer we get, the more excited I get! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to start reading yet as I'm just in the middle of exams. I should be completely done by the 31st, though. That should give me enough time to make it through the first few letters and participate along with the rest of you.

  7. I just started reading last Friday on the train, my prime reading time. I look forward to commenting and reading about everyone else's thought. So far I am enjoying this. I love the notes for each page, giving me great background. I am reading the Oxford World's Classics edition. Since finishing Georgina, I am feeling more at home in the 18th Century!

  8. Banker Chick, snap - I'm sitting with my Oxford classics on the train too - looking very forward to talking about it.

  9. Just started today and the beach and am loving every page! I was starting to worry I wouldn't have time with school, but our Sunday trips to the beach are perfect reading time.

  10. I just finished the first section and can't wait to get discussing!

  11. I just had it delivered to my Kindle from FREE This ought to be fun.