Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Good Whig

"Mrs. Crewe" was a name synonymous with "Whig."  Frances Anne Crewe, later Lady Crewe was a leading society hostess who could talk politics as well as any man...that is, if you could follow along with her fast-paced conversation.  By all accounts Mrs Crewe was bubbly, which none of her portraits seem to convey.  But luckily Mrs. Crewe had her own special legacy to leave behind.

When any toast was given at a Whig function everyone would raise a glass and boisterously cry,
"Here's buff and blue and Mrs. Crewe!"
Wherever Fanny just happened to be at the time; in the middle of conversation, at cards, etc; she would turn, casually raise her glass and with natural grace reply:
"Here' buff and blue and all of you!"


  1. That raises the question, any other witty toasts to share with us? RETRO