Monday, May 23, 2011

School For Scandal Scandilizing a Playhouse Near You

For those near LondonTown there is a play that you simply must see at the Barbican Theatre, The School For Scandal.  You may recall this was the play that Richard Sheridan wrote in which he based his main character, Lady Teazle, on Georgiana.  Other Devonshire Set friends could be found in it as well and he dedicated his play to Mrs. Crewe (who gleefully also saw herself in it).

The play seems to be taking the same approach as Sophia Coppola took when she directed Marie Antoinette; putting a modern outlook on a time period not too different from our own:
Deborah Warner's fresh take on Sheridan's The School For Scandal imbues this scorching comedy with contemporary resonance as our own celebrity-obsessed culture collides with the gossip-ridden, highfashion world of eighteenth-century London.
Just look at the play's site: a popart mesh of black, white, and pink.  One can only wonder how much of this ambiance carries over into the actual play.

I came across the play after seeing this not-so-flattering review in the The Evening Standard. So what is Henry Hitching's beef with the Barbican's production?  Not enough Sheridan.  Totally understandable!

The School For Scandal is now playing at the Barbican Theatre from now until 18 June.


  1. I stumbled over this yesterday and was cursing the fact that next London trip won't be until later this summer. Hmf. Wish I'd known earlier!

  2. I saw the poster but was recently burned at a version of Sherry's 'The Rivals' at The Royal Theatre Haymarket. That production tried to take us away from the usual portrayal of the characters but instead took us from the humour.

    However I am (very, very excited) to have got a ticket to see The Beggar's Opera at the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre with music by the City Waites - I can't Waite.

  3. @Felicia, I was also cursing the fact that it isn't running longer!

    @ILIGS, That pun made my night...while at the same time I am incredibly jealous! You'll have to report back how awesome it is.

  4. What, Begger's Opera? And it runs until July 23? Yay! Might actually be able to catch that! Am feeling much cheered now. :)

  5. Michael Billington's review for the Guardian is at:

    He didn't like it either.

  6. Yikes, it's getting panned! So much for the play sticking around longer.