Saturday, July 30, 2011

Books For Sale

Ladies and Gents,

There are catladies and bookladies.  Both collect something until their house is overrun with it, and the only solution is to send those things out to better, more loving homes.  I am a booklady.  My shelf is overrun and I sadly have to give up some books in anticipation of a move to come later in the year.  But I hate the thought of trading them in to my local Book Barn without giving you readers a look through them first.  That way, I would know they'd be going to a good home!

Most of these books are barely broken into (by me at least) and some I received as gifts or promotional items (for those I only charge shipping).  The prices listed include shipping within the US; for overseas orders I will have to tack on a couple extra dollars.  If you are interested in any of the books (or have questions about them) please email me at and make sure you have a valid paypal account.

Up for grabs (in a wonky layout)


Audiobook, $7



$3, Please note, different cover

English Painting by R. H. Wilenski (a very old, fat book) $7


  1. I have the Royal Scandal one :D Great read!

  2. looks like someone is really into Pride and Prejudice Sequels.

  3. I'm very tempted by the audiobook. How is the reading in it?

  4. It's good! I never read the book, just listened; I found it starts off slow but gets better (which is probably the case for the book as well).
    I will note that it's been in my car for a while so the box may be a bit faded from the sun :)

  5. I fervently hope you still have the Historical Fashion in Detail. Baroque looks nice, too. My fingers are crossed X.

  6. Is your Gardener's Art Through the Ages still available? Hoping so!

  7. you are selling Mansfield Park! How was it? GoT quality?