Friday, September 2, 2011

Elegance & Decadence & A Fat Regent

The BBC keeps serving up so many good historical programs lately it is making me give The History Channel a very intentional side-eye for their lack new material that doesn't have something to do with pawning or whathaveyou.  Take for example Elegance & Decadence, a small series Lucy Worsley put together to explore the regency era.  Sound awesome? Why of course it is!  Evangeline from Edwardian Promenade was kind enough to put the first episode up here so you can watch it in its entirety.  It mostly explores our good friend the Prince of Wales and even goes on to mention a bit about his girth which we were just gossiping about. How timely!

Those lucky enough to have a TV in the UK can watch the next segment of the series this coming Monday.


  1. What a lovely bit of fluff to start the day with! Thank you.

  2. I really want Lucy Worsley to read me a bedtime story.

  3. @nokomarie, No prob! I love opening up the day with fluff.

    @LT, LOL. I love the visual I got from that statement.

  4. We have been treated recently, what with this and Lucy Worsley's 'Every room tells a story'. (Even if my feelings on her presentational style are recorded elsewhere).

    We also had Amanda Vickery's wonderful 'At Home with the Georgians' and she was recently tweeting about a one off celebration of Mr Darcy for the BBC.

    There is also a brilliant one off about eighteenth century novels that pops up on the iplayer sometimes, 'Birth of the British novel' presented very winningly by Henry Hitchens, who also wrote the best short introduction to Samuel Johnson.

    And that's not including radio 4 talking about the Scriblerus Club, the cult of sensibility or dramatising Pepys diary.

    On the other side, America seems to have the best store of rare C18th written materials.

  5. Wasn't the Regency all about Mr. Darcy? :O!

    I just loved Lucy's narration, and I want more, more elegance and decadence! Please tell me that somehow I'll be able to watch the following episodes...