Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mrs James Fordyce, Really?

While sitting in a presentation by my most excellent colleague yesterday, I nearly fell over when he informed everyone that this beauty strewing flowers about the grave of Fingle was none other than the wife of our favorite opinionated fuddy-duddy, Dr James Fordyce.

What is even more gossip-worthy is the fact that Dr Fordyce wouldn't have approved of his wife's act of honoring the Celtic hero so it is quite interesting that she is depicted as such.  Looks like it's another woman ignoring your well-meant advice, Dr Fordyce!


  1. What a fun blog! I've just finished reading Georgiana by Brian Masters. I'm sure you have read it, but if not - you need to! She really did have an 'interesting' life; not sure I'd trade her, however. I'm so pleased to find your blog. Love the cheese commercial!

  2. Shelley, have you read Amanda Foreman's biography? I personally prefer that one, it reads like a novel it is so good!

    Thank you so much, glad you found my blog!

  3. Perhaps after years of living with her husband Mrs. Fordyce was driven to an Ophelia-like madness, strewing flowers on the supposed grave of the imaginary hero of a third-class epic poem.

    Makes sense to me!

  4. Excellent interpretation; I am definitely subscribing to it!