Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pippa Attends 18th Century French Ball

Ahh, Pippa Middleton, what a life! As if we didn't lust after her playgirl lifestyle enough (but maybe not the cameras that come with it) this past weekend she was canoodling with hot vicomtes at a saucy eighteenth-century themed ball.  The designer most sought-after by these young debutantes? Leg AvenueClassy!  Apologies for coming off a bit snippety, this is out of sorrow that my invitation was lost in the post.  I should ease up on the snark.  ALTHOUGH, Ms Middleton made one fatal mistake.

That hair!!

Pippa, we know you come from a regal line of lovely locks, and you and your sister share the same signature look in that regard.  But Girl, look to you left, now look to your right.  Do you see those fabulous coiffures complete with feathers and even powder?  Those betches are outshining you, and that's just not right!  Oh and I don't care if this isn't your "thing," you should go all-in to themed parties or not at all.  What I see here is a missed opportunity, one that there may not be another opportunity to correct!

Mail Online


  1. Pippa went to a Leg Avenue party?
    I am surprised!

    But then again those frocks are ill fitting and do look like a polyblend, non?

  2. P'raps the gel is still establishing the Pippa brand,mmm?

  3. This is the best they could do?

    Excepting one or two ladies in the pic, any proper C18 debutante would be mortified to attend a crush in such shiny trash.

    I am saddened for all.

  4. I know it's her trademark, but how regal would Miss Middleton look with 18th Century hair and a lovely ostritch plume? After all, when Wills is king, she's going to be Queen Catherine's first Lady in Waiting...