Thursday, August 23, 2012

Barefoot Duchessa

Georgiana is known mostly for the circus that was the Westminster Election of 1784 despite the fact that she was an experienced campaigner.  She, her mother and her sister were known to canvass in the Spencer-claimed, St Albans.  A lovely anecdote from one of the St Albans campaigns shows both how at ease Georgiana was with all classes and also why she appealed to so many.  While visiting a butcher (how ironic) to appeal for his vote she stepped out of her carriage and tore her shoe so much that it wouldn't stay on, to which she kicked it off and with a smile said, "I gladly serve my friends, even bare-footed."

Smooth as the silk (on her torn shoe), that duchess!


  1. Hi dear, i know this is a bit of a long shot but there is always someone who i cant find any information on from the 18th century and i would love it if you could find a little bit of info about her.

    She was painted by Carl-Ludwig Johann Christineck, and her name is Sarah Cook. Here is her portrait It was painted 1775 i found the outfit to be very interesting, the flower pattern almost looks German, but i believe she was a Russian.

    If you could find some info about her with some more portraits i would be very interested and grateful to read the article :)

    Sincerely Louis

  2. Nice Post! I liked it.