Thursday, March 27, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld Gives us More Versailles for 2014 Fashion

First Dior created this makeup 'Trianon' line which instantly drained my bank account  Now Karl Lagerfeld is photographing his new spring season on models with the most divine poufs.  I can't help but be behind this marketing move 100%.

Is anyone else being distracted from the clothes due to coiffure-envy?  Well you can buy those too!  Let's hope someone sports a pouf on the red carpet this season.  Not you, Gaga.

Check out the whole series of photos here.


  1. I cannot help but wonder what comments the Fashion Police and the Joan Rangers would have to say about NINE FOOT TALL MODELS!!!!

  2. I hope that head gear was checked for rodent nests!

    How divinely surreal can you get.

    Will Primark be copying this collection for the Debutante Season toute suite!!

  3. One can only hope! I would love to see the primark versions on the teens of Britain.

  4. I do think Lagerfeld is just about the best there is. Speaking of hair, (you all know that) when ladies really wore these creations, hairdressers would speak of the need to have the hair "opened" and "repaired" every several weeks or so. One lady went nine weeks, which was thought too long in summer.

  5. It's like getting your routine manicure - based on mine right now, I'd be the lady const4rantly trying to repair her coiffure to avoid another expensive trip to the hairdresser!