Sunday, June 29, 2008

American Release Date Blues

I'm getting a little nervous about my opportunities of seeing The Duchess. It's a given that it will be in my beloved England before it reaches the states. But when will it reach the states?

I remember, right before moving back from the UK, seeing a poster for Atonement in a bus stop. After I had moved back, I saw the trailer on television months later. This recollection brings a sense of dread to my fangirl heart. IMDB informs me that it will be released September 19th in limited theaters, which also makes me sad because 'limited engagement' usually doesn't work out too well.

For those of us in the colonies, the future looks dim for getting to see this movie in a timely manner. Until then, I will be feverishly checking IMDB, the official movie site, and this great little find for any updates. Oh, any maybe looking for bargain deals for flights to London.

1 comment:

  1. Like myself, you will need to hunt the theater down and bring people who don't share your exquisit love but will follow you none the less.

    I had to travel to Branford for Kristin Chenoweth in Running with Scissors.

    I will see this movie AND it's big hair, with you.