Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Frick and its Fabulous Collection

Oh how I love the Frick Collection. I love it so much I'm actually a member. So today I took advantage of my membership and took a spin around this awesome House/Museum. Here are some of the awesome British treasures the collections owns.

The Mall in St. James's Park, c. 1783 by Thomas Gainsborough
A blog topic in itself so I should keep this short, Gainsborough displays the fashionable trotting area of English gentry, St James Park. It has been suggested that the ladies in the center are George III's daughters which would make sense due to Gainsborough's fondness for the royal family. However....they are rather fashionable...I think the inclusion of the small dog hints at Georgiana, and points to the ladies being members of the Ton. Further fuel to my fire is the Pomeranian accompanying the lady on the right. I have a feeling that this hints that this fashionable lady is Perdita Robinson, due to a similar dog being in the full-length Gainsborough had painted of her. But then again, Gainsborough was very fond of dogs.

Grace Dalrymple Elliott, c.1782 by Thomas GainsboroughGuess who else I saw! The illustrious Miss Dalrymple is housed at the Frick.

The Hon. Frances Duncombe, c.1777 by Thomas GainsboroughA lovely Gainsborough Full-length of Mrs Duncombe in the Van Dyck style. The Honorable Frances was one of the many victims of a gambling husband. He gambled away her fortune and went to debtors prison as a consequence.

Lady Hamilton as ‘Nature’, 1782 by George Romney
My lips are sealed about Emma because I have big plans for this tart! This is one of the many gorgeous portraits Romney painted of her. It is probably one of my favorites, but it's too hard to pick; there's just too many!

I was disappointed to not see this AMAZING full-length. Some day I'm gonna have to harass them into letting me see it. I was too hot to be bothered today though.

Charlotte Lady Milnes, 1788, by George Romney

However, I can't stay angry with the Frick. It's really a must to go see. I didn't even talk about the French work! Believe me, thats worth seeing by itself!


  1. Thank you very much! If you use my pictures please cite my blog :)

  2. I love the Frick. Its one of my favorite museums in New York. Thanks for reminding me that I need to take a visit to look around again soon.