Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flower Power

I have been staring at Lady Skipworth's bosom for a while now trying to decide what kind of flowers she has coming out of it. I won't make any educated guesses due to my lack of a green thumb; that gene must have skipped my generation. I still love flowers, despite my ability to take care of them and the people of the 18th century felt the same way. Foreign wildflowers from the colonies were becoming popular due to their exotic qualities. A fondness for plants was a sign of the owners' Enlightened sense of nature. While roses were a classic, and tulips had been increasing in popularity due to the Dutch, some flowers became more and more popular in the Georgian Garden.

Rhododendrons Hydrangeas

Kalmias Columbine

Hollyhocks Sweet Williams

China Asters Cornflowers

Phloxes Chrysanthemums



  1. My guess is ordinary red clover, a common wildflower and probably therefore somewhat romantic to the very rich.

  2. Finally, a true botanist steps forth! Thank you for the input, I love it!