Tuesday, July 29, 2008

News from Chatsworth

For anyone who lives in England or is planning on a trip there in the fall, Chatsworth is a hot spot. Of course I think everyone should go there but they have some great events this autumn that I keep happening upon (and am extremely devastated about not being able to go myself).

Beyond Limits, Sotheby's at Chatsworth
September 9 - November 2
The gardens open up to display modern and contemporary sculpture to be auctioned by Sotheby's. Artists such as Dali and Rodin have exhibited there in the past exhibitions. Many of the pieces have been gone on to be displayed in other hot spots such as New York City, and seen by yours truly.

The Duchess Exhibition
August 1 - October 31
To coincide with the release of the upcoming film, Chatsworth exhumes pieces from it's favorite inhabitants life. The Chatsworth site boasts of displaying rare treasures from her life as well as two of Kiera's costumes from the film. I am cringing at the fact that I will not be able to see this; the first time I went they had only one of Kiera's costumes from Pride and Prejudice and the Mr. Darcy statue.

I would suggest making a visit to Derbyshire in late September or October. Then of course going back for the Chatsworth Christmas!

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