Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marriage a la Mode, Part 2: The Tête à Tête

We return to see how our happy couple are doing after last seeing them at their marriage arrangement. Well how nice, they do look happy!


Actually doesn't the Viscount look a bit like Pete Doherty? Funnily enough, he is not a far cry from our favorite trainwreck rocker. This morning, the viscount has returned home to find his house in disarray. No matter; he slumps in his chair exhausted from night time adventures. His vacant expression of upset is not due to the messy home but, as can be seen from from his hands in his pockets, his massive gambling losses. His broken sword lies at his feet, implying a lost duel was part of the night's antics.

His wife's upset at being married appears to have least for the time being. Her night time adventures have just ended as well and now she's looking for some action! She coyly stretches and gives her husband the eye. She hasn't yet noticed what her dog has: a lady's cap in his pocket. Once again, Hogarth's dog show us the truth we as viewers may not see right away. Another one of Hogarth's favorite signs of sexual deviance is the black syphilis mark on the Viscount's neck. Yuck, you're better off just going to bed, Honey. But as can be seen from Hogarth's clues, the Viscountess has developed a strong sexual appetite. Phallic statuettes litter the mantel that lies between the couple. Even the firescreen post is phallic.

In the adjacent room, a servant tidys up from his mistress' card party the night before. Paintings of the Apostles hang on the wall, showing the couples' distance from God. The couple prefer the more carnally-themed room. Their steward walks away in disgust. Trying to reason with this couple about the amounting bills is just no use. They are already well on the path of destruction.

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