Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hunk Alert: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

SWM, Playwright/Politician, widower, Fashionably skinny, Scorpio, seeking a good-looking woman (or two) who likes to have fun.
Likes: The ladies, celebrity gossip

I enjoy living on the edge; I work hard, play hard and like to rack up a lot of debt doing it. I have two passions: politics and the arts. I am a successful playwright, perhaps you've heard of my more-successful play The School For Scandal? Yeah that came from this genius. I'm a die-hard Whig and when I'm not in the theatre you will find me in Parliament passionately fighting for a cause. Some jerks (I bet it was Burke!) claim I'm hypocritical and tend to be disloyal, but I beg to differ.

I am looking for a glamorous party-goer, who doesn't mind the spotlight. I'll take both married and single ones; I'm not picky. Must be open-minded and like to roll the dice.


  1. The ghost of Mrs. Sheridan says:

    Your Grace! I must beg leave, with deference to yourself and your lady sister (whom I know to have had "dealings" with my husband), to warn the gentlewomen of your readership to spurn the advances of this man! Do not be fooled by his wily Irish charms--in truth he is a most despicable cad! Quite forced me give up my singing career after we married, and he seems to have little concern when my health was in decline...

    Granted, he is quite handsome and brilliant with his pen; still I recommend proceeding with caution.

  2. Hahahaha! That is awesome, thanks for that.

  3. Or to put it more bluntly:

    "While married to a woman whom cynical, experienced politicians called "the most beautiful woman in Britain", and "a semi-divine personage", I was caught in flagrante with a chambermaid".

    I must admit, though, that "School for Scandal" ia a classic for the ages. It remains amazingly fresh after more than two centuries.

  4. SFS is truly wonderful, and I think Sheridan's interpretation of himself isn't too far-fetched.

    It is a pity that he abused his relationship with Eliz Linley because she was such a remarkable and beautiful person. She will def be talked about in further posts.

  5. xDDD mythosidhe, you are amazing.

  6. I love Sheridan, he is one of my favorite playwrights. Of course, he would be a Scorpio. I wrote about his granddaughter months ago, Caroline Norton, and her fight to change the divorce laws in England.

  7. Such a Scorpio!! I was planning on writing a blurb about Caroline Norton, I will def have to check your post out!

  8. Gah, so late in following up on this! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the missive from Eliza Linley :p I've developed quite an affinity with her over the years. Her Gainsborough portrait in the Philadelphia Museum is my favorite painting in the place, and I've been known to hang out on the bench in front of it and occasionally regale unsuspecting tourists who express interest in the piece with impromptu lectures on her life. I wonder if that's why so many people think I work there...?

    Heather, I can't wait to see what you have to say about her! Is she going to be a Tart of the Week?

  9. I love that portrait too, it is so classic. I bought a small print of it when it came to the Citizens and Kings exhibit at the Royal Academy. Amazing exhibit, wish I bought the book! I haven't decided whether Eliz will be a tart yet, but she def will be written about because she was just so fabulous!