Monday, October 20, 2008

For Sale

Joseph Wright of Derby, Portrait of a Lady, 1760

Normally when I post something for sale it is because I want it. Of course I wouldn't mind having my own Wright painting, especially of a fashionable Van Dyck lady. But this one comes from Philip Mould Fine Paintings, which I would rather have a job at so I can see its amazing collection all the time. You may want to venture through the site, and check out the amazing British portraits that they have for sale.


  1. Oooohhhh, I don't even want to know how much it will go for. (I can understand the desire to work for Mould. I myself would like to live at the Frick or the Huntington.)
    So many wonderful things to want-thanks for introducing me to yet another drool-inspiring site.

  2. I should have prefaced that site with a warning, shouldn't I? Thank goodness it has such a nice layout and good resolution images.

  3. wow!!!
    very nice colection at the mould...i would love to have one of those paintings on my wall.....but unfortunately i cant :(

    i havent been at the frick... but on january my family and i are goint to new york before going back home, so ill definitely stop there for a visit. is there any other oplace in new york that is worth visiting??

  4. Oh how exciting! Well, beside the Frick you have no excuse not to visit The Met, especially since they are walking distance from each other. They are reopening the Wrightman gallery which has a whole rococo room that looks absolutely fabulous (Lauren and I tried to sneak in last December). Another worthwhile museum is the Museum of Sex, which always has some scandalous, yet tastefully-done exhibit (be sure to go to the site first in order to get a coupon off admission).

    I would also highly recommend for you to check out the contemporary galleries of Chelsea. This is my favorite thing to do in NYC; you walk down one avenue and every door leads to a gallery. Some are hits, some are misses, some are even historical. My favorite is P.P.O.W mostly because it carries Julie Heffernan, but there is no greater feeling than walking into some unknown gallery and being totally wowed by something you've never even dreamed of seeing.

    These are my long-winded suggestions, hopefully one will peak your interest!

  5. So lovely! A girl can dream can't she? I would love to hang that beauty in my living room! Thank you for your sweet comment & I'm glad you liked my post! I am very excited to steal away a moment & go through your blog, very interesting, very pretty!

  6. Does anyone think that the girl in this portrait resembles the actress Molly Parker?

    pic of her here:

    I think the resemblance is amazing!

  7. Wow, that's kind of creepy. The nose is spot on

  8. Oh my, I wish I knew how much it those paintings cost. They're lovely!