Thursday, December 25, 2008

Emma and Anna, Two Peas in a Pod?

I know not many people are going to like this connection, but has anyone noticed how similar Emma Hamilton and Anna Nicole are? I was just over at One D at a Time which has clips of the Anna Nicole Christmas party and I couldn't help but think; there's gotta be a little Emma in Anna.
Both ladies were:
  • Beautiful
  • From poor origins
  • Began their careers in the sex industry (prostitution and striping)
  • Married really old really rich guys
  • Claimed they genuinely loved their really old really rich husbands
  • Became part of an elite social scene that considered them to be trashy
  • Models
  • Criticized for their vulgar speech
  • Gained a lot of weight in the height of celebrity and were criticized for it
  • Already had children going into their rich marriages
  • Had daughters whose fathers' were kept a mystery


  1. I must say, I like Emma much more than Anna... see, this is a funny thing with me; I love 18th century gossip and celebrities but I'm not much fond of today's gossip and celebs.

  2. I would have to agree with you there but I can't help but wonder if that's only because we have more exposure to Anna than Emma. Maybe she'll be idolized centuries from now... (shivers at the thought)

  3. LOL! Considering the opinion I already had of Emma, I can't find much cause to argue with your comparison. Given everything I've read about her, I really cannot fathom her recent surge in popularity!

  4. Oh fye! I see the similarities but to compare trailer park trash to someone cunning as Emma??? Fye!