Friday, June 5, 2009

Gossip: Jane Austen Faux Pas!

A certain author with her degree in English Literature made a curious mistake in her book Tw---t, in the form of a reference to Jane Austen's books being "late eighteenth century."

The Gossip:
Mrs. Rat finds it strange that although some of Miss Austen's manuscripts were written at this time, her books are distinctly early nineteenth century. She also wonders how the publishers didn't pick up on this faux pas, they supposedly being bibliophiles.

Mrs. Brown kindly suggests that it is the main character's error, being a ignorant adolescent. She also thinks Mrs. Rat secretly likes Tw---t.

Mrs. Rat firmly denies the later accusation, she was merely bored at work.


  1. Of course one can be a stickler and mention her Juvenilia. These highly entertaining writings were created by a teenaged Miss Jane in the late 18th century. She wrote Northanger Abbey, initially entitled Susan, around 1798-99. The manuscript sold in 1803 and languished at the publisher's until Jane's brother Henry repurchased the rights in 1816.

  2. I know I'm awful, and totally being a stickler! I knew she wrote some in the very late 18th c, such as P&P. But how would you generalize her books, 18th or 19th? Specifically 'Sense' and 'Mansfield,' just out of curiosity. I was curious to hear your input!