Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dress Like a Rivaling Duchess This Season

I'm always looking for 18th Century inspired clothing no matter what is in for the season. As I was musing through clothing I can't afford I noticed a few trends which I think both Georgiana and her foil, Jane Duchess of Gordon would like. Lace, translucent fabrics, and ruffles would probably appeal to our most fashionable Duchess; and check out that awesome military coat! Our most Scottish Society Hostess would likely enjoy all the plaid that's out, especially this amazing jacket which looks like a polonaise from the back.
Rivaling Duchesses


  1. did you pick the most expensive items on purpose?! 360 for jacket? topshop can kiss my royal derrière.

  2. I like the idea of the military coat over the lacy clothing. Severe on the streets and nice and sweet at home...Cost is always a factor (would that I were a real Dutchess!) though I notice there is something similar to the coat on its link for much less.

  3. I had a Forever 21 dress on there but then next to everything it looked so cheap and not pretty!

    Yes, Lucy I love the meshing of lacey frills with the "masculine" wool coat!

  4. I love the mini-skirt in black lace, it´s perfect!

  5. @Heather: I love that you could see that the Forever 21 piece looked shabby next to the rest. I struggle with this with clients sometimes because I worry about sounding snobby, as I try to get that point across, i.e. "If we put this sofa in there on that great rug your aunt gave you, it'll really drag down the room."
    And @ all, I love the lace and wool combo, too. I had a design book where they had mixed rough burlap and fine silk together in window treatments and it looked yummy.
    An 18th c. fashion question: What is a redingote? If I'm spelling it right, these were often talked about in the regency novels I devoured between ages 9-13.

  6. @ Paul
    A redingote was a fashionable coat cut somewhat in the style of a man's coat. <3

    18th cent. Fashion plate example

    Antoinette in one

    They remained popular for a long time, no doubt due to hotness. In fact, I would like one right now!

    Marie Antoinette had one that was cut like a man's long riding jacket, in blue. When she wore it her gown peaked out because the coat was open in the front. It was embelleshed with large buttons and had "two or three small capes" across the back. (it was a steal at 52 livres)

    @Heather, Post an image of Georgiana in one, I know there must be at least one!

  7. @Lauren - Thanks! I love this garment, very dashing. Were they always double breasted, do you know?

  8. I believe they were always double breasted. And sadly no, I don't think Georgiana was every portrayed in one. She seemed to prefer the Robe a l'anglais with a a fichu; with or without the false fronts and bums.