Tuesday, November 10, 2009

High Humor

BibliOdyssey had a great post a while ago on satires of hair towers. I think I spread word about it on Twitter (but I'm a scramble-brain, so maybe I didn't!) which I know not everyone follows. However, I've had multiple people email me about the post so that tells me I must do a better job about spreading the word and give the fabulous post the recognition it deserves.

High hair reached it's height (ha!) in popularity in the 1770s due to trends in France as well as a young debutant Duchess popularizing three-foot tall hair towers and feathers. The fashion trend caused a trend in mocking the extreme coiffures which became so grand they surprised many a social-observer.

Check out BibliOdyssey's great collection of coiffure satires here.


  1. And we in Texas like to think we invented big hair! Ha!

  2. I never understood how they had enough hair for these 'do's.

  3. Although everything is bigger in Texas, hair cannot be included in that statement!

    The hair concoction was always a mess of real hair, towers, pomade, and stuffings which were usually horse hair. No wonder women slept in them.

  4. It would be interesting to see images of real 3 feet tall wigs. I have a feeling seeing the real thing would be scarrier than the carricatures of them seem to be.