Monday, December 14, 2009

Implanting 18th Century Love Early-On

I know I never post anything for the kiddies; blame it on being a single gal! But I found some great 18th century books today that I know the little ones will totally be into.

Tea for Ruby by the original Fergie, Sarah Duchess of York
This girly tale, wondrously illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser, is about a little girl who can't wait to go have tea with the queen. However, others are concerned about her manners, which they hope will improve by the time she has her tea party. It takes place in modern times but Ruby's imagination as to what the tea party will look takes place in our favourite era. The illustrations make this book (just check out the fab inside!), and it's fun for both big girls and little girls. Recognize that dress by the way?

The Beautiful Cassandra by Jane Austen
Transformed from the book that 12 year old Jane wrote for fun, this is an adorably illustrated version that I fell in love with when I saw it at the Morgan Library. Historian Julian McMaster wanted this book to reach more than just the Austen clan and illustrated it for our enjoyment. Cassandra is no longer Jane's sister but a little mouse whose adventures still take place in Regency England. You can get a great preview here. A perfect book for children and Janeites alike.

Magic Tree House #41: Moonlight on the Magic Flute by Mary Pope Osborne
The elementary school kiddies adore these books, and its no wonder, Mary Pope Osbourne has been writing fantasy books for kids for ages. In this book the kids are transported to the imperial Vienese court for a magical mission to look for a certain composer. I wonder if Maria Theresa makes an appearance. This would be a fabulous gift for kids just beginning to get into chapter books.


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  2. It's Madame de Pompadour's dress!

  3. All three of these sound great! I'll check them out for my youngest-who btw is crazy about history! Thanks:)

  4. My big Red book has amazing 18th century imagery and the dresses have been embedded in my brain for my life... all the way down to the filmy spangled lace and striped polonaise frocks... <3