Friday, January 22, 2010

There is Always an Excuse for a Party

1781 was the height of Mary "Perdita" Robinson's celebrity. This is most likely because she and the Prince of Wales had just broken up and EVERYONE knew about it. His new squeeze was "Dally the Tall, Grace Dalrymple Elliott, whom was newly single from her scandalous divorce. Naturally, it was claws out for the two tarts.

By October of that year Perdita had decided she had enough and needed a little getaway. Her fifteen minutes of fame allowed her to visit the French court and rub shoulders with Marie Antoinette. Grace was more than happy to see Perdita embark. According to the papers, she threw a party to celebrate the lack of competition for the Prince's affection (even though that was soo over).
"...Dally the Tall gave a superb fete last night at her house near Tyburn Turnpike, in consequence of the Perdita's departure for the Continent, whose superior charms have long been the daily subject of Dally's envy and abuse."
Perhaps the press just misconstrued Grace's intentions for a good time. But then again, a themed party is always much more fun.


  1. All that fighting over a man. Whatever happened to sisterhood?

  2. I know it's awful really. Too bad they never kissed and made up and threw a "I hate Prinny" themed party together.

  3. Hee hee! An "I hate Prinny" party! I bet the venue would be packed. A subscription might even be called for.

    (Glad you posted the smaller portrait of Grace. I'm not very fond of her full length in the goldy-yellow.)

  4. Well, I'm not one for scandalmongering, but I have it on good authority from an anonymous source that that Grace Elliott is a graceless, inelegant, no-talent hussy! How many novels has she written? Not a one.

  5. Gasp! *Snaps fan!* Well, Madam, I will remind you Miss Dalrymple may not have published any gothic novels but her memoirs of the Terror are quite esteemed!