Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emma on PBS this Sunday

The wait is over! This Sunday, 24 January, the first episode of Jane Austen's tale of a rich-girl matchmaker, Emma will grace North American televisions. This new version has a delightful cast which includes Romola Gari, Michael Gambon, and the ever-delicious Johnny Lee Miller.

Be sure to tune in this coming Sunday at 9:00 (check your local listings!) to see part one. To make things a little more fun, PBS has invited everyone to partake in a twitter party where you can dish about the movie. It's like a giant, gossipy tea party! You Know Who can't miss that! Will you be there?

Masterpiece's Official Emma Site
Twitter Party Invitation


  1. I think you'll all like it =)

  2. I have been waiting FOREVER! So excited.

  3. I loved the serie, here in Holland it was already broadcasted last year, and in Belgium to. I watched the whole serie two times and I loved every episode of it.