Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Georgiana on Count Fersen

Axel von Fersen, the Swedish soldier and count, is not known for any great victories on the battlefield or in politics. His celebrity came from the attention he received from a certain queen of France. Although there is no solid evidence of Marie Antoinette and Count Fersen's relationship being more than platonic, it was still a hot topic among the various European courts. In other words: Ladies, he is off limits.

Of course that didn't stop Bess from making out with him and then feigning guilt as she wrote to Georgiana about the dalliance. Georgiana, herself, couldn't really see what all the fuss was about when she met him in 1786:
"He is reckoned ugly here, because from the idea of Mrs. B's liking him, a great beauty was expected. He has delightful eyes, the finest countenance that can be, the most gentleman like air. Thank God I an't in love with him."


  1. He seems to have been fond of the ladies, though. :-)

    He also got lynched, which just isn't that usual to get, in Sweden.

  2. Fond of the ladies, discreet, loyal, and intelligent, an attractive combination, no? BTW, is there anyone Bess *didn't* make out with? Katherine Louise

  3. I thought he was beaten by a mob...sad either way though.

    But this picture gets a huge yay from me. There's something about his expression...

  4. @KL - probably not! *Cough* manipulative slut *cough*!

  5. I love when I come back to good gossip and Bess bashing

  6. I’ve read "Marie Antoinette, the journey" And learned quite a bit the though its not proven they were lovers, its was pretty obvious that they were affectionate with each other, if not romantically, then emotionally. Its also well known that Fersen had a lot of lovers! lol. He was close to settling down with an english girl once, but he never did. He also ended up with a tragic death, like nightmusic mentioned